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Posted on 19 January, 2018 at 10:14 Comments comments (2803)
41st CIFF Guangzhou:
understand, decode, offer.

The Spring edition of CIFF (China International Furniture Fair), the world’s largest furniture exhibition and the most important business platform in Asia, will be held in Guangzhou, divided into 2 phases according to product sector: the first from 18 to 21 March, the second from 28 to 31 March.
Understand the market in order to de-codify trends, providing solutions that are perfect in terms of style, quality and price. This approach has allowed CIFF to become an international reference point in the furniture sector, growing and modernising in order to offer both exhibitors and visitors the best possible services.
 The first phase of CIFF (18-21 March 2018) introduces a full range of solutions, both classic and modern in style; a vast selection of products of different styles and typologies: home furniture, home decor & home textiles, outdoor & leisure furniture.
Customisation + Interactivity + Design
In other words, when the product is adapted to express the personality of the person who has selected it. This is how new products are created, designed not be part of a series, but to shape themselves in such a way as to provide what the client is looking for.
Products that can put themselves at the service of the user, exploiting the high-level Internet of Things technology, cloud computing and smart chips, masterfully concealed in a charming design.
Mild Luxury
In other words, quality products, that can provide high-level comfort and luxurious design, but that at the same time reasonably priced, able to satisfy almost everyone, perhaps skilfully mixing together pieces that are different but easy to integrate.
According to the latest figures published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the value of furniture manufacturing exports from January to August 2017 amounted to 12.64 billion di RMB, therefore recording an annual increase of 6.2%.
In order to assist international buyers, the living areas (dining rooms and living rooms) will be combined together, as will upholstered items and mattresses, ensuring that visits by operators from all over the world can be optimised and facilitated.
Homedécor & Hometextile will integrate the Zen style into its abundant proposals, while Outdoor & Leisure will offer new product sectors, such as garden equipment, fountains and hand-crafted iron furniture; the 3rd Global
Garden Lifestyle Festival will include an interpretation of life in the open air, which leads to a more unrestricted lifestyle.

The second phase of CIFF (28-31 March 2018), with office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel furniture and furniture machinery & raw materials for the furniture industry, will see the implementation of the Medical-Health Furniture-Hall sector, and will tackle the Smart Office theme in greater depth.


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 CIFF Shanghai 2017. 
The most comprehensive furniture exhibition for “Better Life Better Work” 
The 40th edition of CIFF, the world’s largest furniture exhibition, and the most important business platform in Asia, will be held in Shanghai (Hongqiao) from 11th to 14th September 2017, showcasing leading brands of home furniture, home decor, home textiles, outdoor furniture, office furniture, furniture machinery & raw materials. 
CIFF has meticulously planned a furniture event for “Better Life, Better Work”, hosting 2,000 brands and 90,000 professional visitors at the National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) in Hongqiao, with the aim clearly set on enhancing the quality of the exhibition and providing excellent service and exceptional furniture. Products perfect for all lifestyles, even for the most demanding markets. 


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Sinfonia Wb1 Design by Arch. Perusko
During the 2017 edition of the “I SALONI” in Milan,  at stand G37 in Hall 2, Cavicchi manufacturer of luxury billiards presented and proposed to operators, buyers and Italian and international press a new world preview.

From 1938 Billiards Cavicchi designs exclusive items always with an eye toward the future and surpassing every limit in quality, design, innovation and attention to detail. From the company's DNA and the creative drive of Architect Perusko was born Sinfonia wb1, an exclusive item characterized by fluid and  organic design, result of a process which combined creativity and design. Symphony is not only a Billiard but a real sensory experience that brings us to "feel" the nature, design, technology and art concentrated in one product whose uniqueness led him to become an icon.
Sinfonia wb1 will be identified by those looking for excellence and exclusivity, as a work of high prestige and artistic value, an object of desire, a "status Symbol" of  limited edition that represents perfectly the Luxury Italian Style. To give shape to the new concept, the result of a delicate and skilful craft products of great quality, was chosen the solid wood, simple but refined natural element, the maximum expression of the magical creations of nature.
Milan, April 2017

Billiards Cavicchi «The prestigious history of our company is a long road paved with work and effort, which over the years has accompanied the Cavicchi family to grow exponentially collecting rewards and success, affirming initially  its leadership in the Italian market, and then see their brand recognized around the world as a synonym of excellence billiard Made in Italy. Founded in 1938 through the work of Ugo Cavicchi, man with great intuition, the billiard Cavicchi began its business. Today all the experience accumulated over many years has been exploited by the "Center of studies and projects" of Cavicchi Billiards that, under my leadership, has had a new and definitive impulse: a new range of Exclusive and design billiards, conceived and designed for be placed in private settings such as items of furniture with an absolutely exclusive character without neglecting the quality of the game performance that distinguishes all Cavicchi’s World Champions billiards » - Architect Giancarlo Cavicchi, general director.

«To design harmonic forms we have to enter into matter, capture its spirit, respect its history and transforming its appearance while keeping the substance intact. This was the path that, aiming to excellence and perfection, has created Sinfonia, an object that speaks of himself in the world of luxury where design becomes art. All that is seemingly simple and refined, aims to beauty and is the result of a delicate and skilful craft products so let's not stop at the surface ... The design can help us, the art can surprise us» - Architect Diego Perusko Designer and Art director.

«Not everyone can play with an art work ... If you can not have it, you deserve it ...» - are some of the slogans of the new campaign Billiards Cavicchi, created by one of the most quoted international agencies belonging to the network of professionals of Studio Chopinet whose creative  are authors of numerous world-class advertising formats. «After a series of meetings with the company and many overseas videoconference briefing with creative people in our network, we were able to find the right way to go according to customer needs, guided by some keywords including: artwork - luxury / exclusivity – game»

Doc. Sandra A. Arizabalo Chopinet - Studio Chopinet owner


Sinfonia billiard is made entirely of solid exotic Bubinga wood selected among the best wood in the world with prolonged natural seasoning at the fully stocked and historical woods deposit of Cavicchi billiard.
Particularly the essence used for the organic design, for the first time in the world for an artistic billiard vaunt a half  century of conservation and a used volume of 5,36 MC.
Boubinga wood completely natural seasoned for over an half  century in the historic Cavicchi deposits.
Source of an accurate research and attention from Cavicchi billiard also for the massive wood treatment used  generating a special " fossil " finish, that combined with multiple and  rigorous passages of natural wax , helped to emphasize this unique and exclusive billiard in the world.


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IFFS Wows Furniture Fraternity Once Again  
Singapore, 4 Apr 2017 – The International Furniture Fair Singapore 2017 concluded with resounding success after an eventful four-day run from 9 to 12 March at the Singapore EXPO. Along with co-located shows - the 34th ASEAN Furniture Show and the inaugural NOOK Asia - the highly-anticipated international trade event attracted 21.966 trade professionals from the furniture, interior design, and furnishing industries - including 87 buying delegations - from 92 countries.

More than three decades on, IFFS continues to reinforce its position as an ideal business platform for the international furniture industry. The 2017 edition featured a diverse international portfolio of 428 exhibiting companies from 35 countries. Together, the participating companies put up an impressive showcase of creative and design-rich pieces that received widespread recognition from industry buyers. The slew of positive sentiments received on the show floor is a testament to visitors’ satisfaction over the quality content presented and their overall show experience, emphasising the event’s increasing importance in the eyes of industry professionals.

“From a business point of view, IFFS has to redefine itself in order to remain relevant and sustainable, and to continue serving the international furniture ecosystem as a premier sourcing platform,” shared Mr Ernie Koh, Chairman of IFFS Pte Ltd. “The quality content was condensed into four power-packed halls this year, and we invigorated the show with more feature areas, design-centric displays, and knowledge-sharing seminars. Through these initiatives, we successfully delivered a content-driven show that focuses on the quality of brands and overall experience, one that offers a more conducive and seamless environment for visitors.” 

In addition to the industry’s acknowledgement, IFFS’ efforts at promoting global furniture trade were duly recognised by the Singapore government. Speaking at the IFFS 2017 opening ceremony, guest-of-honour, Mr S. Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry), said, “IFFS is an excellent showcase of Singapore’s dynamic furniture industry, which has grown steadily over the years…. Singapore remains committed to staying open to trade, investments, talent, and ideas from around the world. IFFS epitomises this commitment to openness and connectivity [by] bringing some of the most promising furniture design talent and companies from around the world to Singapore.”

CIFF GUANGZHOU 2017 39^ edizione di CIFF a Guangzhou.

Posted on 13 January, 2017 at 12:05 Comments comments (138)

39^ edizione di CIFF a Guangzhou.
L’opportunità vincente

CIFF (China International Furniture Fair), la più grande fiera al mondo del settore arredamento con i suoi 1,15 milioni di metri quadi espositivi, 6.000 aziende partecipanti e 250 mila visitatori da oltre 200 paesi del mondo (in totale tra l’edizione di marzo a Guangzhou e quella di settembre a Shanghai), si riconferma luogo d’incontro e opportunità di business imprescindibile per tutti gli operatori del settore.
CIFF 2017 a Guangzhou si svolge in due fasi: la prima dal 18 al 21 Marzo, la seconda dal 28 al 31 Marzo.
Le cifre parlano chiaro: ogni anno l’edizione primaverile di CIFF, suddivisa in 2 fasi per soddisfare le innumerevoli richieste di partecipazione, connette più di 3.900 importanti brand e oltre 170.000 visitatori qualificati. La fiera, sempre più votata all’internazionalizzazione e allo scambio tra aziende espositrici e buyer, affronterà quest’anno il tema “Better Life, Better Work”, con il chiaro intento di esaltare i valori della crescente qualità ed eccellenza del prodotto cinese.
Un evento imperdibile. Sia per chi vuole comprare che per chi vuole comprendere e verificare le potenzialità del più grande mercato al mondo del settore arredamento. E si, perché in anni in cui tutto cambia velocemente, il mercato cinese sta facendo veri e propri balzi in avanti verso un prodotto di sempre maggior qualità e design.
L’etichetta Made in China ha sempre meno la connotazione di poca qualità a basso prezzo, viceversa è oggi in grado di fornire risposte concrete anche ad un target di clientela medio alta.
I produttori cinesi si stanno infatti rivelando capace di interpretare in maniera innovativa il gusto internazionale; molti designer occidentali stanno portando valore e know-how ai produttori cinesi e parecchi designer cinesi stanno acquistando prestigio internazionale diventando perfetti anelli di congiunzione tra gusto orientale e occidentale. Nascono così prodotti poetici capaci di comunicare ed evocare immagini ancestrali. Prodotti perfetti per ogni stile di vita, anche per i mercati più esigenti.
39th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) Fase 1 | 18-21 Marzo 2017
La prima fase di CIFF 2017 a Guangzhou propone una gamma completa di soluzioni, dallo stile classico al moderno; una vasta selezione di prodotti di diversi stili e tipologia: mobili per la casa, complementi d’arredo, tessuti per l’arredamento, arredo per esterni e tempo libero.
Tra gli eventi in programma:
ASFD Pinnacle Asian Awards (1° edizione)
La manifestazione nasce sulla scia dell’enorme successo riscosso nella precedente edizione di ASDF Pinnacle Awards China Tour; evento organizzato in collaborazione con High Point Market and American Society of Furniture Designers, che aveva come obiettivo la promozione di importanti designers cinesi e americani. Per ASFD Pinnacle Asian Awards, il format rimarrà simile ma l’obiettivo proposto per questa edizione consiste nell’agevolare il coinvolgimento dei designer cinesi nell’ideazione di prodotti rivolti al mercato americano.
China Decoration Design Conference (1^ edizione)
Il forum, che vede coinvolti importanti brand del settore decòr e rinomati interior designers affronterà il tema: “Design + of the times”.
Global Garden Lifestyle Festival
In cui verrà affrontato il tema inerente la nuova filosofia del garden living e diversi lifestyle.
39th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) Fase 2 | 28-31 Marzo 2017
Durante la seconda fase di CIFF 2017 a Guangzhou sono esposti mobili e sedute per uffici, arredamenti per alberghi, mobili in metallo, arredi per spazi pubblici e aree di attesa, accessori, materiali e macchinari per l’industria del mobile.
Tra gli eventi in programma:
The Office Life Theme Pavilion, l’evento dedicato al benessere nell’ambiente ufficio e alle soluzioni per migliorare la qualità del lavoro.
The Global Office Furniture Outlook (8^ edizione), un forum organizzato da CIFF e Edimotion in cui giornalisti e professionisti internazionali del settore discutono dei trend degli ambienti di lavoro.


Posted on 29 September, 2016 at 9:02 Comments comments (234)

 CIFF Shanghai 2016

Surprising results for an event that is truly business-oriented Dynamic and able to respond to the needs of the market, the 38th edition of the China International Furniture Fair has ended in Shanghai, recording positive results and creating great satisfaction among those operating in the sector, therefore confirming CIFF as the best furnishing sector business platform in Asia.

This edition has recorded 85,000 professional visitors (10,000 more than in the previous edition, with a particularly significant rise in foreign visitors), including buyers, dealers, designers, architects, real estate operators, developers and journalists from more than 30 countries worldwide, attracted by the considerable offer of products from more than 2000 exhibiting companies, by the services created by CIFF in order to facilitate the business relationships between exhibitors and visitors, such as the numerous B2B meetings featuring approximately one hundred delegations of international buyers; and by the 48 forums and events organised in order to provide essential information about the Chinese and international furnishing market. 


CIFF Shanghai 2016, from 7 to 10 September, was organised for the second time in the very modern National Exhibition and Convention Center in Hongqiao, covering a surface area of more then 400,000 square metres. According to the figures available, and the impressions of the exhibitors and visitors, the event is undergoing constant growth, proving to be an indispensable occasion for all sector operators, who were able to benefit from a range of products that is increasingly focused on quality, design and innovation. 


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